Constitutional Integrity

George Washington said, “The Constitution is the guide which I shall never abandon.”

Economic Freedom

The prosperity of America and its citizens rests upon the rule of law and private property rights.

National Security

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution makes providing for the common defense the first responsibility of the federal government.

Obamacare and the IRS

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If you are having difficulty with how Obamacare is affecting your IRS tax filings, please follow the link below for helpful information. Obamacare and Your Taxes - Obamacare Tax Provisions -

My Letter Opposing Lynch Nomination

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Over fifty Members of the House of Representatives joined in Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to reject the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. “The top law enforcement official in the land must be willing to enforce the law, independent of administration politics,” said Bridenstine. “The testimony of Loretta Lynch demonstrated an unwillingness to depart from the politicization of justice we have seen from Eric Holder. The Senate has...

My Position on Net Neutrality

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As an Internet governance concept, so-called “net neutrality” means that Internet service providers (ISPs), such as Comcast and Verizon, should treat all data traveling over their network equally in terms of hosting rates and speeds of service. In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that broadband Internet service is not a “telecommunications service,” and therefore not subject to existing FCC rules that prohibit variations in rates and services. Despite ruling that ISPs ...

in the news

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The AG must be willing to enforce the law, independent of admin politics. The Senate should not confirm Lynch. #tcot @RepJBridenstine | 02.24.2015
RT @ConservReview: MT @mboyle1 House Republicans 2 Pressure Senate Judiciary Members 2 Oppose Loretta Lynch Nomination @RepJBridenstine | 02.16.2015
About to be on FoxNews with @JudgeJeanine to discuss ISIS. 8:30pm Central. Tune in! #JusticeOnFox @RepJBridenstine | 02.08.2015
I'll support nothing short of fully defunding exec amnesty in the DHS appropriations bill. @RepJBridenstine | 02.04.2015