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More "Spending as Usual"

Posted by on February 05, 2013 | comments
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Titles for bills in the House always paint the legislation in an appealing light.  I had to vote against more “Spending As Usual” tonight.  One program actually expired in 2011 but received $265 million in 2012!  Today’s bill proposed spending $1.2 billion over the next five years – with no consideration of offsets.  Another bill was for less money, but still gave no thought to offsetting the spending with cuts elsewhere.  That one also established a new federal grant program and inappropriately inserted the federal government into state and local affairs.

I had to vote “No” on the same principles I’ve applied before.  You will see me repeat this whenever necessary:

“The United States has a $16 trillion debt and a $1 trillion annual deficit.  Our debt is now larger than our GDP and growing faster.  Given our national crisis, fiscal responsibility is real compassion.  It is not appropriate to spend money that does not exist.  When the Fed prints money, it weakens the U.S. dollar, erodes everyone’s savings, increases prices, and artificially keeps interest rates at record lows.  Rather than continuing to ignore the fiscal crisis, when we increase spending in one area, we must cut spending in another area.”

Fiscal responsibility is real compassion.


For more information on the bills please click the links below.

H.R. 225

H.R. 229

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