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Bridenstine Urges Actions to Stop Iran from Avoiding Sanctions

Posted by on March 18, 2013 | comments
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In a move designed to protect Israel from Iranian aggression, and coinciding with President Obama’s visit to Israel this week, Congressman Jim Bridenstine is urging actions to stop Iran from evading economic sanctions.  Tehran continues to flout UN resolutions aimed at stopping its missile and nuclear programs.  Iran “re-flags” its oil tankers and cargo vessels under different countries, thus hiding their true identity from unsuspecting importers.  U.S. sanctions have progressively damaged Iran’s economy, particularly its oil and natural gas exports, yet Tehran still avoids some sanctions by this illegal maneuver.

 A bi-partisan letter, signed by Bridenstine and nearly 50 other House members, urges the Secretaries of State and Treasury to consider action against shipping registries that help Iran avoid the full force of sanctions.  The letter further calls on Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew to consider adding three specific vessels to Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control sanctions list.

 Congressman Bridenstine believes that we must continue to take the issue of illicit shipping seriously for sanctions to produce their intended effect.

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