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Congressman Bridenstine’s Statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech

Posted by Sheryl Kaufman, Communications Director on March 03, 2015 | comments
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Congressman Bridenstine’s statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress:


Prime Minister Netanyahu highlighted two key reasons that the pending “deal” with Iran is problematic:

1.       It permits Iran to retain a uranium enrichment and industrial nuclear capability.

2.       It expires in about 10 years.  After the deal’s expiration, Iran will be able to walk into the nuclear club.


Iran exports terrorism around the world, destabilizes the Middle East, and openly advocates for the elimination of Israel.  The United States must not allow Iran to achieve its nuclear ambitions. 


After the recent ISIS attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, Congressman Bridenstine invited Dr. Alex Himaya to attend the Netanyahu speech today.  Dr. Himaya is the senior pastor at The Church.At with campuses in Tulsa, Chicago, and Cairo.  Egypt is an important partner in the fight to stop jihadist terrorism from striking Israel.  It is critical that the United States stand up for persecuted Christians around the world.      




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