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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Votes to Fund the Government and Delay ObamaCare

Washington, DC, September 29, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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Washington D.C., September 29, 2013 | comments
Late Saturday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives once again passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) with support of Republicans and Democrats.  This accomplishes two objectives: Fund the federal government and protect Americans from the harmful effects of ObamaCare. 

Congressman Jim Bridenstine said, “Now the Senate will decide if they are willing to accept the bill as amended in the House or if they are going to shut down the government."

“James Madison explained in Federalist No. 58 that the purpose of Article I of the Constitution is to put the ‘power of the purse’ firmly in the hands of ‘the immediate representatives of the people.’  The American people have communicated clearly that they want the government open and they want to stop ObamaCare.  The House heard and responded to the voice of the people.” 

Over a week ago the House passed and sent a CR to the Senate.  That CR funded every aspect of the government except ObamaCare.  The Senate stripped out the ObamaCare defunding and sent the bill back to the House.  The House has responded with a CR that simply delays implementation of ObamaCare for one year.

Bridenstine continued, “The House has provided a Continuing Resolution to fund the entire government -- twice.  The second time we just delayed ObamaCare for a year.  The American people do not want ObamaCare, and the representatives closest to them have voted not to spend the people’s money on it.  If the Democrat-controlled Senate decides not to accept this, then it is their choice to shut down the government.”

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