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Takai and Bridenstine introduce “Recognize April as Learn to Swim Month”


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Washington, April 21, 2015 | Sheryl Kaufman, Communications Director (202-225-2211) | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Mark Takai (HI-01) and Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-01) released the following statements in regards to their introduction of a bipartisan bill (H. Res. 206) that would establish April as “Learn to Swim Month”:

“April is the month when pools, beaches and lakes across America open up for the spring and summer months, and together we can work to ensure that Americans know how to swim. As a former college swimmer, I feel compelled to make sure that our fellow Americans are able to stay safe in the water during these upcoming months,” Takai said.

“Swimming not only provides lifelong health benefits, it can be a matter of life and death.  Some dear friends of mine recently faced the tragedy of their toddler falling into a swimming pool.  Thankfully, his mom pulled the little guy out and gave him CPR, and he will fully recover.  Learning to swim is a vital lifetime skill,” Bridenstine said.

37% of American adults and 21% of children are unable to swim the length of a pool, which puts them at grave risk of being part of the 3,533 Americans that drown every year. In addition, for every child that dies from drowning, there are five non-fatal drowning injuries that require emergency department attention. These injuries can range from mild to long term disabilities such as memory problems, learning disabilities and permanent loss of basic functions, including being in a permanent vegetative state.

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