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Library of Congress donates books to Angus

by Laura Crutcher

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Washington, April 29, 2015 | comments

For the first time, the Library of Congress donated books to a school, and it was Angus Valley Elementary.

Sand Springs Vice-Mayor Brian Jackson had to find creative ways to bring home 30 pounds of books in his luggage at the airport.

“I’d move a few here, move a few over there. We got it done. It was well worth it,” he said.

The surprise occurred at the school on Friday, April 17.

On April 24, Jackson and Congressman Jim Bridenstine Representative Brian O’Hara returned.

O’Hara said, “I knew our office would support it. That’s what being in office is all about—helping constituents in time of need. Making something tragic less tragic.”

The decision was made to provide Angus with the books due in part to the March 25 tornado that destroyed part of Sand Springs.

Angus Valley Librarian Laura McGehee said the books would be used for several purposes, including to help rebuild the libraries of all 36 kids whose homes were affected by the tornado. Each child was allowed to select $20 worth of reading material, equaling about four books apiece. The school had been setting up for the book fair when the tornado hit.

“We feel blessed that no was one was hurt and we aren’t planning funerals but we’re helping with books,” McGehee said.

Jackson said, “You can see the community coming together and all the way from Washington D.C. to provide hope through reading.”

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