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Veteran in the Spotlight Dorea Walker

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Washington D.C., September 16, 2013 | comments

Dorea Walker, a native of Northern California, has dedicated her life to her community, personal and professional development, and service to her country.  Dorea joined the Oklahoma National Guard at the tender age of 17 as an Automated Logistic Specialist.  Nearly two years later joined Active Duty Army as a Human Resources Specialist.  Dorea Walker performed administrative duties at Fort Bragg, NC and Panama.  She was the acting Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge (NCOIC) of the Command Judge Advocate in Mannheim Germany.  Dorea was later transferred to Fort Sill, Oklahoma as the NCOIC of the G3 Administration/Logistics Office.  She was responsible for the functions of the General’s Deep Operations Coordination Center for the 1st Calvary Division War Fighter Exercise at Fort Hood, Texas.  In the year 2000 Dorea became a recruiter and transferred to Tulsa.  During her tenure she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, the coveted Gold Badge, Recruiter Ring, and a Meritorious Promotion to Staff Sergeant (E-6).  Dorea was enlisted for nearly 13 years before leaving the Army to pursue her dream to own a business. 

Even though Ms. Walker was armed with ambition, confidence, & skills to succeed, she still found herself struggling to adapt to civilian life.  While there were limited programs for Veterans with drug and alcohol addictions, there were no programs for ambitious Veterans who just needed support in adapting to civilian life.  This inability to adapt world ultimately result in Ms. Walker losing everything which left her homeless.  However Ms. Walker’s tenacious attitude, desire to succeed, & creative thinking, enabled her to overcome these obstacles and eventually create her own business.

Today Ms. Walker owns Mind Your Business Services LLC (MYB) in which she assists small business leaders with necessary tools to become successful.  Services include monthly mixers, prospecting services, referral marketing, accountability services, and joint venture opportunities.  She has been providing services for veterans, the community, our government, and businesses for 13 years (www.mybservices.com).

Dorea Walker is involved in various activities in the community to include being a member of NABVets (National Association of Black Veterans), Friend of Rudisill Library, and volunteered for three years at Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus Veteran’s Resource Center.  Dorea has two degrees: BS in Business Management and a BS in Human Services.  She also has her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


You can wait for others to see your potential, you have to go out on faith and trust that the world will catch the vision in the nick of time.    

Opportunity- if you can’t find it, create it.  


The First District Congressional Office is accepting nominations for the next “First District Veteran in the Spotlight”. This monthly recognition has been created to honor a constituent Veteran who has displayed exceptional military and/or civic achievement, has served his or her community in a compassionate or impactful way, and has continued to lead by example whether in or out of uniform. Selected nominees will be invited to the First District Congressional Office for a personal tour, a certificate of recognition and additional activities in honor of their service.<
Nominations for this monthly recognition can be submitted via the congressional office website at bridenstine.house.gov/services/congressional-commendations. When submitting a nominee please select the Veteran Spotlight option in the Recognition drop-down menu on the congressional commendations page. Nominations are processed on a rolling basis.

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