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Congressman Jim Bridenstine: Administration Undermined Congressional Review of Iran Deal


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Washington, September 10, 2015 | Sheryl Kaufman, Communications Director (202-225-2211) | comments
Today the House took the first step toward stopping the President’s dangerous Iran nuclear deal.  House Resolution 411 passed 243 – 186, finding that the President did not comply with the provisions of the Corker-Cardin Iran Nuclear Review Act.
The Corker-Cardin legislation was designed to allow Congressional review of the Iran deal.  The Administration decided to declare the agreement to not be a treaty, since treaties require approval of two thirds of the Senate for ratification.  As Secretary of State John Kerry bluntly stated in a hearing, they knew they could not get approval in the Senate.  The Corker-Cardin act effectively inverted the approval process to where a two thirds majority would be required to override a presidential veto of a vote to disapprove the deal.  That act passed both the House and Senate overwhelmingly and the President signed it into law. 
However, the President failed to transmit key aspects of the agreement for congressional review as required by the act.  Congressman Bridenstine stated, “The Obama Administration’s characteristic refusal to follow the law effectively undermined the congressional review process he signed into law.” 
Friday, the House will vote on additional legislation to suspend the President’s ability to lift U.S. sanctions on Iran.  Bridenstine continued, “Although the President is expected to veto any legislation that rejects his deal, the House of Representatives will not be complicit in this dangerous agreement, and a future President will not be constrained in repudiating the deal.  Regrettably, Senate Democrats today initiated a filibuster to block consideration of the deal.  Harry Reid and his colleagues are protecting the President and denying the people representation in this critical national security decision.”

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