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President Failed to Even Mention Keystone Pipeline in 1/28/2014 State of the Union

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Washington D.C., January 30, 2014 | comments

In his State of the Union Address the President said his Administration's energy policy is creating jobs and that oil and gas production is booming.  But that's only half true, the last half. 

The President's policies inhibit U.S. energy production and transportation at every turn.  The U.S. oil and gas production boom is occurring on private and state lands, not on lands and offshore areas under federal control.

Moving oil from producing areas in Canada and the U.S. to domestic refineries is vital, but we lack adequate pipeline capacity.  Moving crude oil via rail car, the only alternative, is much more expensive and less safe.  The President's failure to even mention the Keystone-XL Pipeline in his speech is especially problematic. 

It's long past time for the Administration to approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline to move crude oil south from Canada into the U.S. and create high paying jobs.

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