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UPDATE On Military Technology to Russia

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Washington D.C., April 9, 2014 | comments
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As I reported to you previously [Energy Department accepts Bridenstine request to stop selling military technology to Russia], President Obama’s Energy Department backed down after I pointed out that the administration was proposing to send military equipment to Russia.  Unfortunately, this administration still does not have its act together.  Today, I received another letter from Acting National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Director Edward Held.  NNSA is the agency within DOE that implements nuclear nonproliferation activities with other countries including Russia. 

Director Held’s letter is disturbing.  NNSA is still asking for $100 million for nonproliferation cooperation programs with Russia.  Nuclear security and nonproliferation is good, but if Moscow has money for new nukes, then it has money for nuclear nonproliferation.  This request contradicts and undermines the Obama Administration’s position that we should suspend all military-to-military engagement with Russia.  Moscow is throwing billions of rubles into modernizing its nuclear weapons.  Yet, the American taxpayer is supposed to subsidize Russia?  American foreign policy toward Russia should be consistent.

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